Hi! My name is Loretta Marchize. I am a founder of LGRG along with Grace Matlyn Buckner, Reba Cray, and Gracie.

Early this year my friend Grace Matlyn Buckner contacted me and two other friends, Reba and Gracie, with a question. She wanted to know if we would be interested in a website together. We all replied with a unanimous Yes! So, the BGLG was born! BGLG stood for Reba, Grace, Loretta, Gracie. We decided it was best for a group name, and so we created our website. We were recently renamed LGRG Writing. Since then the LGRG has been growing and thriving. We have one book, our website, and plenty of readers.

All four of us LGRG meet monthly and we are all exited about what is up coming for the LGRG. We have some things planned, and this journey is going to be a lot of fun!

-Loretta Marchize

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